I feel.. I don't know

Hi everybody!
I just came home from a very exhausting and hard Cross Country workout. It was milerepeating today, which meant we had to run a mile, relax 3 minutes, run a mile, relaxe 3 minutes and then run a mile again. And before you panic, it's not a swedish mile but an american which is about 2 km. It was so hard but I did it and now I'm so sweaty and can't wait to jump in to the shower. I'm right now doing my spanish homework which is veeery easy. First I thought spanish would be tuff for me. But after hearing the silly questions the teacher is asking us (which btw I got from the teacher 3 years ago) it seems to be very easy. But I'm glad because that makes my homework assignment much more funnier and I get more freetime. 
Today I was very homesick. I've been for a few days now, and I don't know when it will end. The only thing I can think about is Sweden. And you know what? The place I miss the most is my summerpace. Don't ask me why. I've always been in love with my apartment in Taby. But no, when I'm here, Arholma is the place that is stuck in my head and have been for a long time. I'm dreaming about it, thinking about it and in the art classes, my Island is what I'm painting. 
I'm now gonna repeat some vocabulary words and then take a shower and relaaaax <33333

Postat av: Jossan

It'll hopefully pass soon honey <3
And now you can be the "smart kid" in spanish ;D

2013-09-10 @ 07:26:33

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