Hello October

Hi everybody! 
I thought I could update here now since I haven't for the last couple of days. I haven't really done anything. I'm waking up every morning because of the very much hated alarm. And I go to school, have classes and then I go home. But monday I had Small Group meeting at the night. It was nice! So basically what we do is the first 40 minutes we just talk and eat unhealthy cakes and just have fun. Then we have our journals, which we write in about. Like struggles and stuff. And during the week,Mrs. Fraga (the groupleader), reads our journals and answers them. And that's very nice actually! 
And we're studying about God and to get close tom him, which for me is very new since I'm not so religious and have never really gone to church much and stuff. But it's very intresting to experience and to see what they believe in and everything!
Yesterday after school I called Disa. I love calling to her homephone and surprise her! So we talked for like 1 hour and a half and that was so nice. I love getting support for home and to hear your voice! After the talk with her I did homework and during my homework, my mom called me and came with the worst news at the worse moment. I were gonna have 3 tests today but what she had to say distracted me so I didn't do anything. My pet at home has died and I just got very sad since I can't do anything about it when I'm here. And the worst part is that before I left to go here, I didn't even say goodbye or hug him, which makes it all much harder. So I'm pretty sad right now but I guess it'll get easier.
Today at the algebraclass my teacher told me she wanted to talk to me after class. So after class I went up to her and she asked me "How come you wanted to switch from Algebra 2?, looks like you're bored in here, like u already know everything" and I was like "Nee, I like not having homework! :D". Haha lazy I feel but seriosly, I love that class cause it's like a piece of cake! 
I hope you all r having a faboulus week and I'll hear from you soon :)


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