Homegame once again

Hi everybody! I have just gotten home from the game. Don't know who won though since we left 10 minutes early, otherwise it would be lines for like 30 mins and ain't nobody got time for that. So Ana drove me home and now I'll probably have an early sleep or watch a movie - still trying to consider what the best option is...
Tomorrow morning I'm thinking of going out for a long walk,& listen to Henrik Dorsin when he talked in "Sommar i P1". That's one thing that can make me calm down and feel happy again. Thank you Henrik Dorsin for being such a inspirational, funny and happy person on this earth!  And anyways, we're also going to the mall tomorrow. I need to get clothes for next week because it's spiritweek since it's HomeComing on the Saturday so the week before homecoming it's different themes everyday. Monday it's America day when we're wearing red, blue & white. Tuesday it's twinday where you and one friend look exactly the same. And then there is Wednesday where you should dress out like crazy weird. And on Thursday I think it's the 70s for my grade and on Friday it's Black day for my grade. So I'm gonna have to find some things...
I hope you're all having an awesome weekend and I'll see u soon :)
Here are some videos I typed tonight:
The Danceteam:
The Marchingband:
A Pizza competition:


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