Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.

Hi u guys!
Have just arrived home from school and I'm so happy CAUSE IT'S FRIDAY!
Here's what I've done the last days :)
I went to school and came home. I did some homework and around 6pm my IEC came over for a second housevisit. Just a visit in the home to make sure I have a bed to sleep in.
Went to school, had spanish, econ. finance, US/VA history and algebra. After school I went to McDonalds with some friends and ate. And after that they drove me home. I did homework and then I talked to my cousin Jonas. And I'm so glad that I have him. It's not that I get homesick when I talk to him. But he has been an exchange student too so he understands everything. And he agrees with me when I say stuff, and not questioning it or trying to disagree. He agree and then says advices and stuff. Everytime I talk to him I get a kick in my ass and I get so excited to live the life hear and to hang out with people and have fun. So I'm happy for that! Thank you Jonas!!!
So today. I had spanish, then Art where I finished a project. I'm gonna upload the picture of it. I'm actually very proud of it, it's a picture of a place from my summerplace - a place that has a special spot in my heart. Then I had computer art where I didn't do anything really and then english which I hate. Haha... and now I'm home! I did a paragraph for my art project and soon I'm just gonna throw myself in the couch and be reliefed cause it's weekend! And it's not just friday. It's homegane today in football!! So I'm going to the game with some friends and I'm so excited. I'm a little worried though since we have to wear purple or black - the schools colors but I don't think I broght that so hehe... I'll probably come up with something :)
Tomorrow my friend Devon is gonna pick me up and we're going to the mall and shop and have lunch. I'm so excited! :D And on sunday I'm gonna go horseriding with my friend Amber. She has a horse so that will be awesome! I'm so happy I've got some friends here now and I caaan't wait to make memories <333
I'll see u later everybody :)
I had schoolphoto
My lovely hostbrother came Home from school with this
My collage of Arholma - my favourite place on earth



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