So here I am, in the country in the west, living the dream and experiencing the adventure I've been waiting for in a whole year. A year ago, I went to my school in my hometown, I lived a normal teenagelife. I met my best friends in school and we talked about boys. We went to the city to take a coffee and to have a "fika". I did my homework everyday that I hated and I complained with my friends how much we wanted the school to end. Every morning I got up from my bed, said "Good morning" to my mum and gave her a hug. I ate the breakfast I loved in my mums company. I took the bus every morning at 7.40 and met one of my best friends Disa who always gave me company to school. When school ended I went home and ate my "mellis". I watched TV, did my homework and texted with my friends. I sent ugly snapchats and laughed for myself in my loneliness over my friends weird faces. And in between this life, I got time to dream. I turned on the computer, searched for exchange student blogs and read them all. All the adventures they experienced, read about their homesickness, the new friends they got, their relationship with their hostfamily which grew closer. I dreamed about how my life would be when I'd move to the states. I was taught that we shouldn't talk to our families, our friends or check facebook every second. And that was certain for me then. I knew exactly what I should do to avoid homesickness. I should try to have both of my feet in the states and focus on my life here. I should attend sports and clubs because of the chances of getting more friends. I listened carefully to all the exchange students about their recomendations and that we should overcommunicate with our hostfamilies. Always tell the truth and tell them if there is something that is stuck in your mind. And to be honest, I felt safe and calm because I thought I knew exactly what to do. I knew, then, what I should do and how to handle all things.
Now, one year later, I'm here, in the country in the west, living what I, one year ago, thought would be the easiest thing ever. A dream that came true and a dance on roses. But I can tell, that being home in the safetiness, thinking you know what is the right thing to do, is nothing compared to actually living this life and trying to do the right thing. One year ago, I read a quote an exchange student uploaded on her blog that said "being an exchangestudent is like a ride on a rollercoaster". A year ago, I thought I knew what she meant. But now, being here, makes me understand that an exchange year is like riding the worse but at the same time funniest rollercoaster I've ever ridden. No one, except the people who are actually experiencing this adventure, are the only ones who actually can understand what it really feels like.

Postat av: Hanna

Bra text ellinor! :D

2013-09-02 @ 14:58:33

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